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Corporate Trainings

Corporate training is a proven concept to contribute to the growth and evolution of a banking and financial institution. If an organization has to grow, its employees should too grow in terms of intellectual and knowledgeable prowess. ICA Academy of Banking (IAB) is one of the banking institutes in India, offering specialized training to BFSI/NBFC’s in different roles to equip them with current skills and knowledge.

Areas of Corporate Training

We cover the following areas in corporate training, helping reduce the cost of procuring new talent with up-to-date skills and knowledge:

  • Retail Banking
  • First time Branch Managers
  • Forex operations
  • Credit operations
  • Risk management & early warning signals
  • Soft skill and Effective Communication
  • Train the trainers
  • Induction program to new Joiners
  • Finacle / Finware training
  • Wealth management
  • Treasury management
  • FEMA
  • Sales training for banking
  • NPA/Recovery management
  • Capital market
  • Identifying revenue sources and achieving revenue targets, and many more

The traditional strategy to bring up-to-date knowledge and skills to the organization has had been to hire new employees however, IAB helps build your existing employee base. Our training courses create able leaders in banking and financial organizations who inculcate the culture of excellence and growth.